Значение идиомы fight off

[fight off] {v. phr.} 1. To struggle against someone so as to freeoneself; push an attacker back. Suzy fought off her two attackersin Central Park with a couple of karate chops. 2. To strive toovercome

Значение идиомы for good

[for good] also [for good and all] Permanently, forever, foralways. The lost money was gone for good. He hoped that therepairs would stop the leak for good. When John graduated fromschool, he decided that he

My Week-day — Мой рабочий день (4)

As soon as I wake up I open the bedroom window and breathe in some fresh air. Then I go to have a shower. I start with a warm shower and then I turn the

Значение идиомы with it

[with it] See: GET WITH IT.


Could be the best example yet of being «spaced out»? When in space, astronauts have repeatedly reported inexplicable euphoria, a «cosmic connection» or an increased sensitivity to their place in the Universe. The experience sounds

Перевод слова rubber

Rubber — резина, каучук Перевод слова Covered rubber thread — резиновая нить с обмоткой to dilute the rubber — разбавлять каучук rubber boots — резиновые сапоги Rubber is a flexible substance. Резина — это эластичное

At a Nightclub

My friend Sabrina and I decided to go out dancing last weekend. We went to a Club called the Fine Line and when we got there, there was long line outside. That’s one thing I

Английские идиомы об отрицательных чертах характера и качествах человека с переводом » на русский язык

Знаете, как небанально, но метко назвать зануду, лежебоку или жадину? В этом списке вы найдете способ точно подметить черты характера, которые нас так часто раздражают в других и которые мы иногда совсем не хотим замечать