Cloning – Клонирование

The idea of cloning has always stirred fervent debate. Some say it’s immoral and unethical, others agree that it’s a great breakthrough in medical science. Animal cloning has been introduced almost twenty years ago from now and this has opened a number of possibilities for human cloning.

The benefits are mainly connected with producing spare body parts for those who are in need. Other than that the problem of infertility can be solved. People with physical disabilities or problems can be cloned with regenerated body parts or organs. However, imagine only what would happen if medics learn to clone anyone by simply stealing a sample of their DNA. A clone can be trained to commit evil deeds, for example, with the intention to blame the owner of the DNA. That sounds ridiculous, but sophisticated. Who knows, everything is possible nowadays. One of the strongest arguments against cloning has ethical background. If a human clone is created and then killed after its organs have been used, churches are certainly against this act.

All the religious texts prohibit murder, thus cloning for the use of spare body parts is impossible. There is also an insoluble dilemma whether these cloned people will have the same rights as ordinary people or not. In conclusion, I’d like to say that animal cloning has been a positive development, but human cloning is highly disputable.

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