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Some people think that life-long friendship exists only in books and films. Others believe that it exists in real life. Friendship is considered one of the central human experiences and for many people it may be as important as love. There are different types of friendship. People have close friends, pen pals or just acquaintances. Life-long friendship is a rare kind of friendship and a lot of people even doubt that it exists in real life.
I believe that life-long friendship exists not only in books and films. For example, my grandfather has a friend whom he has known from his childhood. They are devoted to each other and they have much in common. My grandfather and his best friend understand and support one another. Besides, they have similar tastes, interests and life philosophies. Grandfather often says that when they were young, his friend used to help him in times of need or crisis. They have always trusted each other and they have never quarreled.
Unfortunately, there

are a lot of people who have no close friends. Some reserved and shy people find making friends rather difficult. What is more, it is really not easy to find a person with whom you can share strong interpersonal ties. Those people who have not found best friends are sometimes sure that real friendship exists only in books and films. But they shouldn’t despair because they may find close friends in the future.
In conclusion, I’d like to add that it is very difficult to live without friends. Your friend is your helper, adviser and supporter. He or she gives you a sense of being protected, emotional comfort and moral support. As the proverb says: “A true friend is the best possession”.

There is a proverb that says “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. However, many people believe that a friend’s success may ruin friendship. Different people have different notions of what kind of person a true friend should be. Most of them think that a friend is a person who understands you, shows kindness and sympathy, has similar tastes, interests and life philosophies. You can always trust your friend and share your hardships with him or her. Besides, a true friend is always ready to help you and to support you in times of need or crisis.
I strongly feel that a real friend is a person who doesn’t only help you and give you advice. A real friend should never

envy you if you are more successful. And if he does, then he is not your friend. To my mind, friendship between people with different financial standing is rare, but possible.
However, a lot of people still believe that friendship is a union of the equal. They tend to make friends with the representatives of their own social circle and financial position. Most people are convinced that friendship will be ruined as soon as your friend is promoted or succeeds in some other way.
To conclude, I’d like to say that a real friend is not only a person who helps you in need, but the one who doesn’t turn away from you in case you are luckier, richer or more successful than he or she is. Friendship must not end when success comes. So we can paraphrase the proverb: “A friend who never envies you is a friend indeed”.

Some people say that love reveals our hidden talents, while others believe that it makes us silly. There is so much talk about love. It is a major theme in philosophy, literature, music, poetry and cinematography. A great number of scientists have been trying to understand how love can influence people’s psychology.
In my opinion, love is a great source of inspiration. A person who has fallen in love may suddenly have an urge to write poems or compose music even if they have never done anything like this before. When we are in love, we are capable of accomplishing feats, making discoveries, inventing new things and making something unusual. Many painters, writers and composers created masterpieces of art, literature or music thanks to this wonderful feeling. Love fills us with energy and enthusiasm.
However, people who are in love sometimes behave rather foolishly. They are often absent-minded and it is difficult for them to concentrate on their work and duties. All they can think about is the person that they love. Studies have indicated that brain scans of people who are in love resemble to those with a mental illness. Scientists say that love deactivates the brain regions associated with negative emotions, with social judgment and with judging other people’s intentions and emotions. That is why people in love are often unable to make critical judgments. But I don’t believe that love and madness are connected.
To conclude, even in this advanced age of science, when people conquer space, clone animals and transplant organs, they still don’t fully understand the nature of love and the way it influences us. Anyway, I believe that love is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Some people say that jealousy is quite natural and it often goes hand in hand with love and friendship. Others are convinced that jealousy wrecks peoples relationships. All people have experienced jealousy at some time of their lives. But is this feeling absolutely harmless and how can it influence people’s relationships?
I strongly feel that jealousy is destructive. It usually arouses such negative emotions as sadness and anger as well as the feelings of anxiety and insecurity. Jealousy also involves suspicion about betrayal, distrust, uncertainty, fear of separation and low self-esteem. It makes us feel unhappy and left out. When we are jealous, common sense and rationality matter very little and our emotions get out of control. To my mind, having a jealous partner is exhausting. You will constantly have to answer his or her questions about what you were doing and where you were. What is more, jealousy can lead to aggressive reactions and violence. Sometimes jealousy leads to scandals, embarrassing scenes or separation and divorce.
However, some people believe that jealousy is a sign of love. They are convinced that the greater the love, the greater the jealousy. Researchers say that mild jealousy heightens passion towards partners and keeps a relationship alive. It can encourage people to appreciate each other. Small doses of jealousy can be healthy in a marriage. But I think that when jealousy becomes irrational, it can be rather dangerous.
To sum up, jealousy can destroy people’s judgment and their love for each other. So it is important to try to overcome this feeling. You should trust and respect the person you love and share all your apprehensions with him or her.

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Friendship & Love&nbsp