Psychological Disorders

Brett: Hi, Dr. Mollie. Could I speak to you for a few minutes?

Dr. Mollie: Certainly. Have a seat.

Brett: I’m really enjoying your Psychology class and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions.

Dr. Mollie: Sure, go ahead.

Brett: Well, I have a friend who is Nervous all the time, especially around other people. Could he have a serious problem?

Dr. Mollie: It’s hard to say without knowing your friend, but he may have an Anxiety disorder or some type of Phobia.

Brett: I was afraid of that. Well, I have another friend who has Mood swings all the time and washes his hands 50 times a day.

Dr. Mollie: Again, I don’t know your friend so it’s hard To make a diagnosis, but he may have a Bipolar disorder and may also be Obsessive-compulsive.

Brett: That sounds really serious. Well, I have another friend who doesn’t eat and sits around all day playing with fire. That’s bad, isn’t it?

Dr. Mollie: It could be. Your friend may have an Eating disorder and his interest in fire may indicate that he has Pyromania, but it’s very hard to say.

Brett: Did I mention that he likes to steal things, too?

Dr. Mollie: People who Feel compelled to steal may have Kleptomania. Who are all of these friends you’re talking about? Do I know them?

Brett: No, definitely not.

Dr. Mollie: Hmm, would your “friends” like to make an appointment with a Therapist? It sounds like it may be a good idea.

Brett: No, no. My “friends” wouldn’t like that. He has A real fear of doctors.

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