Having Hearing Problems

Bernadette: Why are you Mumbling?

Claude: I’m not. I said, “What’s wrong with your Hearing?”

Bernadette: Nothing is wrong with my hearing. You just need To speak up.

Claude: I’m Practically shouting. You need to see a doctor about your Hearing loss.

Bernadette: I’m not Hard of hearing. It’s probably just a Buildup of Earwax.

Claude: This is more serious than earwax. Do you hear Ringing in your ears?

Bernadette: Not more than usual.

Claude: Meaning you usually hear ringing sounds?

Bernadette: Sure, who doesn’t?

Claude: Uh, normal people. Have you been asking people To repeat themselves? Are you having trouble hearing people when there’s a lot of Background noise?

Bernadette: Maybe.

Claude: It might be something as simple as an Infection, but it could be more serious, like damage to your Eardrum or Inner ear if you can’t hear sounds at low Decibels.

Bernadette: I am not getting a Hearing aid.

Claude: Would you prefer people to Yell?

Bernadette: What?! Smell? You think I smell? Well, that’s just rude!

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