Making Ethnically or Racially Offensive Remarks

Mike: Did you hear what Dan said? He called me a Mick. What Decade is he living in?

Patti: He’s just Ignorant. I’m sure he wasn’t trying to be Offensive.

Mike: Well, I take offense. And To add insult to injury, did you hear what else he said?

Patti: What?

Mike: He said that he was speaking On behalf of the Irish in the community when he said he liked the plan. How dare he speak for other people? It’s Presumptuous.

Patti: He was trying To make a point and probably just Got carried away. I agree that what he said could be Insulting, but let’s Give him the benefit of the doubt.

Mike: You can be Magnanimous if you want to be, but I know an Ethnic slur when I hear one.

Patti: It wasn’t an ethnic slur. It wasn’t the Politically correct term, that’s all. He’s a little Behind the times.

Mike: Behind the times?! He’d have to live to 150 To catch up to the present!

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