Having Limited Mobility

Gail: Oh!

Mike: Are you okay?

Gail: Yeah, I’m just not used to these Crutches yet. The doctor said I should start using them if I ever want to get out of this Wheelchair, but I don’t have the Strength to stand up.

Mike: You’ll Get the hang of it. Don’t Lose heart.

Gail: It should be easy now that my arm is out of the Cast, but it just seems impossible. I feel I’m going to Lose my balance each time I try to stand up.

Mike: Try again, and this time Lean on me and I’ll try To serve as your legs until you can find your balance.

Gail: I wish I didn’t feel so Utterly useless. It’s so Frustrating!

Mike: I know. Just Keep your eye on the ball and give it another try. The Next thing you know, you’ll be Limping along and then running a Marathon. It’s just a matter of time before you get your Mobility back.

Gail: Yeah, right. Okay, First things first. Let’s see if these useless legs of mine will cooperate this time.

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