Dealing With the Heat

Jolene: I’m Sweating like a pig. When is this Heat wave going to end?

Eric: I’ve no idea, but I’m Not moving a muscle until it does. Hand me that Pitcher of iced tea, would you?

Jolene: Get it yourself. I’m not moving until it Drops below 80 Degrees.

Eric: It’s not the Temperature. It’s the Humidity. It’s not even the Dog days of summer yet and it’s Scorching outside.

Jolene: It’s scorching inside, too. Why can’t that Fan move any faster? Remind me why we moved into an apartment with no Air conditioner?

Eric: We couldn’t afford an apartment with an air conditioner. We were lucky to get this place.

Jolene: I don’t feel so lucky right now. My legs are Stuck to this chair and I’ve Sweated through my clothes.

Eric: We could buy a Portable air conditioner.

Jolene: We can?

Eric: Yeah, but you’d have to get up.

Jolene: Ugh, let’s do it tomorrow.

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Dealing With the Heat