Moving Out of a Home

[A knock on door.]

Andre: Hello. Is anyone here?

Ellie: Yes, can I help you?

Andre: I saw your door open and I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. Did you just Move in?

Ellie: No, I’m Moving out. As you can see, I’m doing Last-minute packing. I think I’ve used up 10 rolls of Packing tape!

Andre: This looks like a Major undertaking. Are you moving yourself?

Ellie: No, the Movers are coming with the Moving van tomorrow morning. I’m moving a few things into Storage, and I’ll take a few of the Perishables and Essentials in my car, but they’ll be doing the heavy Lifting. No Loading for me. Before they come, though, I need To disassemble this desk and this bookcase. It’ll be a long afternoon.

Andre: I can see that. Are you moving far?

Ellie: No, I’m only moving about a mile from here to another apartment.

Andre: Oh, so you’re not moving out of the area.

Ellie: No, I’m not.

Andre: I’m glad to hear that. Let’s Make a deal: I’ll help you disassemble your furniture if you’ll promise To invite me over to your new place sometime.

Ellie: Really? Are you sure you’re willing to do that?

Andre: Sure. Hand me those Tools and I’ll have it done In no time.

Ellie: Boy, am I glad I left my door open.

Andre: Yeah, so am I.

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Moving Out of a Home