The Home Improvement Store

When you own a house, there is always something that Needs work. I have been Putting off repainting the Garage and I decided that I would do it this weekend.

I went to the Home improvement store early in the morning to get the Supplies I’d need. I walked into the Huge store and began looking for the Paint department. I walked through the Garden center And the Lumber department but couldn’t find the paint supplies. I tried to find a store employee to ask about it, but there was No one in sight. I walked down the Plumbing aisles and finally found the paint department.

I looked at the paint Swatches and found the color I wanted. I Took a number to have my paint mixed. When my number was called, I gave the employee the swatch of the color I wanted and he told me he would call me again when it was ready. In the meantime, I got some Brushes and Rags. After about 20 minutes, the employee called my number and I picked up my paint. I took the paint and the other supplies and got into a Checkout line.

After all of that, I was Exhausted. And I hadn’t even started painting yet! Maybe I’ll do that next weekend.

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