Going to a Home Improvement Store

Paige: I think we can get everything we need To fix up the house in one trip. What do you think?

Vern: We can try. It seems like everybody had the same thought when they woke up this morning: Go to the Home improvement store!

Paige: Yeah, it’s a little crowded, but I still think we can get all we need today.

Vern: To do that, I think we need To split up. Let’s look at our list and Divvy it up.

Paige: Okay, we need to get some Wiring To install the new lights. I’ll go to the Electrical department for that.

Vern: All right. We need Lumber for the new fence, so I’ll go to the Building materials department.

Paige: What about the Pipes and Fixtures we need for the bathroom? Can you go to the Plumbing department for those, while I go to the Hardware department for the Tools?

Vern: Okay, I can do that, but aren’t you feeling tired already? I know I am.

Paige: Come on. How are we supposed to be Weekend warriors if we can’t even do some simple shopping? We’ll meet in the Garden department afterwards, okay?

Vern: Whatever you say.

Paige: Ready, set, go!

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