Working from a Home Office

Adrina: So this is your new home office. It’s nice.

Victor: It’s Functional, and I like it. When my company decided to lower its Overhead by Decentralizing, it gave employees the option to work from home. When I heard that, I didn’t Think twice about making the change.

Adrina: I’m not surprised. Lots of people Would kill to work from home. Did you have to get Dedicated phone and fax lines?

Victor: No, I already have a company cell phone, and I mainly use email to communicate with the office.

Adrina: I assume you get To set your own schedule. Do you find it hard To concentrate on your work? I know I’d be Distracted all the time if I had a Home office.

Victor: It’s true that there are a lot more distractions at home, but I try To block them out. For me, it’s not getting down to work that’s a problem, it’s getting myself to stop thinking about work all the time! That’s one of the Drawbacks of working where you live. I’m more Productive, but I’m also more Work-centered.

Adrina: I can see that, though I’d still Take working from home over working at the office any day.

Victor: I thought you had a home office for your real estate business.

Adrina: I do, but it’s not very Conducive to getting any work done.

Victor: Why’s that?

Adrina: My home office Doubles as the guestroom and the kids’ playroom!

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