Organizing Your Office

I have a very Disorganized office. My co-workers have been making jokes about my office for a long time, and my boss finally Cracked down on me. He told me: “Get the office organized by Friday – no excuses!” What choice did I have?

I’ve always been a Pack rat. I hate to throw anything out, but I was determined To turn over a new leaf. It’s true I’ve worked in the same office for four years and have Accumulated a lot of paper, but if I Put my mind to it, I’m sure I could get rid of all of the Clutter.

There are Piles of paper and Files all over my desk and Sorting them out won’t be easy. All I need to do, though, is To purge my Filing cabinets of old files To make room for new ones. I also need To triage the papers on my desk, on the floor, and in my Overflowing inbox. Then, I only need to make new files and Label Them. Finally, I’ll only keep those things on my desk that are Essential and get rid of anything that isn’t.

That’s a pretty good plan, don’t you think? I’ve already made a To-do list. Now all I need to do is start on those Tasks!

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