Problems at the Office

Lucy: Hey Jeff, can I Pick your brain for a minute?

Jeff: Sure, what’s up?

Lucy: Well, I have a Sticky situation at work and I wanted to get your Input. You’re always so Tactful.

Jeff: Thanks. I’m not sure I can help but I’ll give you my two cents.

Lucy: Well, it’s like this. There’s this guy I work with who is always making jokes about the boss. Don’t get me wrong. I like a good joke Now and then, especially about the boss. But, sometimes he Goes too far.

Jeff. What do you mean?

Lucy: Well, just the other day, he got a picture off the Internet and Cut and pasted the boss’s head onto it. Let’s just say it was a very Unflattering picture of him.

Jeff: Hmm. That’s really unprofessional, but it sounds Harmless enough, if he Kept it to himself or just showed it to a few friends.

Lucy: That’s just it. He didn’t keep it to himself. He attached the picture to an email and sent it to the entire company, including the Top brass.

Jeff: You’re joking, right?

Lucy: No, I’m not. This is what I mean when I said he goes too far. He just doesn’t Know when to quit.

Jeff: Is he a friend of yours?

Lucy: No, not really. But, I don’t want the guy to get fired. He’s actually a good person. He’s just Clueless, that’s all.

Jeff: Well, that’s A tough one. Let me think about it. Maybe there’s a way to get him To cut it out before he gets fired.

Lucy: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Jeff: Oh, It’s no big deal. Let’s go Get a bite to eat.

Lucy: Sure. Sounds good to me.

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