Returning a DVD Player

I bought a new DVD player last weekend. When I got home and Hooked it up, I realized that it was Defective. I Trudged back to the store to return it.

Clerk: Next, please.

Jeff: Hi, I bought this DVD player last Saturday and I’d like to Return it.

Clerk: What’s the reason for the return?

Jeff: It’s not Working properly.

Clerk: What’s the matter with it?

Jeff: Well, several things. First of all, the Remote doesn’t work.

Clerk: Did you put batteries in it?

Jeff: Yes, of course, but it still didn’t work. I couldn’t change any of the functions on the Display. It also doesn’t Fast forward when I’m playing a DVD. It Rewinds but it won’t fast forward while the Picture is playing. On top of that, I couldn’t get the Closed caption feature to work.

Clerk: Okay, I see. Anything else?

Jeff: Yes, as you can see, the Casing scratches very easily. I just took it out of the box and put it on my Entertainment unit and I got all of these scratches.

Clerk: Oh, are you sure you didn’t scratch it with your keys or set some things on top of it?

Jeff: No, I’m sure.

Clerk: Well, I’m sure that it’s just a problem with this one player. I’ve never seen this with any of the Models made by this Brand. Do you have the receipt?

Jeff: Yes, here it is.

Clerk: Do you want to Exchange it or return it?

Jeff: I’d like to return it.

Clerk: Okay, how did you pay for it?

Jeff: With a credit card.

Clerk: Can I see you card? Okay, I’ll Credit it back To your credit card. Can you fill out this form with your name and phone number, and sign at the bottom?

Jeff: Sure.

Clerk: Great. Here’s your credit card back and $95 has been credited to your credit card. Anything else I can help you with?

Jeff: Oh, there is one more thing. Can you tell me if you Carry iPod Nanos?

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