Using Different Payment Systems

Petra: Damn! That didn’t work either.

Ken: What are you doing?

Petra: I’m trying to pay for a new service I ordered, but the website won’t accept my Credit card as Payment. I even tried my Debit card, but it’s been Rejected, too.

Ken: Why don’t you just write a Check and mail it in?

Petra: I don’t have any checks. In this day and age, I should be able to use one of the many Electronic funds transfer options.

Ken: What are going to do now?

Petra: I might try sending a Wire, but my bank charges a large fee for wires.

Ken: How about signing up for Direct deposit?

Petra: If this were an Ongoing service I would, but this is a One-time thing. Do you think I could try your credit card?

Ken: I don’t know about that…

Petra: All right, if you feel funny about doing that, then could you buy me a Gift card for this website and then I can turn around and use the Balance?

Ken: That seems kind of Involved. Would you Pay me back in Cash?

Petra: Of course. I will write you an IOU right now and then go to the bank tomorrow.

Ken: How about if you go to the bank now? I’ll even give you a ride.

Petra: Is that really necessary? We don’t even know if it’s going to work.

Ken: When it comes to money, I always say, Better safe than sorry.

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