Checking into a Hotel

I Flew into Atlanta the afternoon before a Big meeting. I Hailed a taxi at the airport and told the driver the name of the hotel. I asked him How long it would take to get there. He said it would only be 20 minutes. I sat back and relaxed.

We got to the hotel and the Doorman helped me take my Luggage to the Check-in desk. I said to the Front-desk employee,

Rob: Hi, I’m checking in. The last name is Rama.

Clerk: Yes, here is your Reservation. You have a Standard room reserved for two nights. Is that right?

Rob: Actually, no. It should be a Suite. I had Booked a non-smoking king.

Clerk: Oh, my mistake. The reservation is for a suite and it is a non-smoking room with a king bed. I’m sorry for the error.

Rob: That’s okay. I’m here a little early. Is it possible to check in right now?

Clerk: Sure, that’s no problem. May I have your credit card? We need a credit card On file for your Room charges and Incidentals.

Rob: Here it is.

Clerk: Okay, now if you could please verify the Room rate here, Initial next to the X, and sign right here. How many Keys will you need?

Rob: Oh, just one.

Clerk: Okay, you’re all set. You’re in room 1201. Take the elevators to the 12th floor and it will be on your left. Do you need any help with your bags?

Rob: No, I’m fine. Thanks.

Clerk: Enjoy your stay.

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