Ways to Pay

I was at the store, and when the clerk finished Ringing me up, I had a few problems.

Clerk: Your total comes to $79.42.

Peter: Do you take Credit cards?

Clerk: Yes, we take Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Peter: Here’s my Visa.

Clerk: Hmm…I’m sorry but your card has been Declined.

Peter: Oh, I Can’t imagine why. I’m sure it’s just a mistake. Here, use my MasterCard.

Clerk: Well, sir, it looks like this one is Overdrawn, too. Do you have a Debit card or Cash? We also accept Personal checks.

Peter: Like I said, I think it must be Bank error. Yeah, I have a debit card, but I think there’s a Fee for using it, right?

Clerk: Yes, I think the bank Charges you a small fee.

Peter: In that case, I’ll write a check. Oh no, I forgot my Checkbook at home. Can you hold these items for me? I can run to an ATM to get some cash. I’ll Come right back.

Clerk: Sure. I can hold it for you until the End of the day.

Peter: Okay, great. I’ll be right back.

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