Changing Money

I was at the airport to pick up my friend Sandra, who was visiting from Italy.

Gustavo: Do you Have everything?

Sandra: Yes, I think so. But, I don’t have any U. S. dollars. Where can I Change money? Can I do that here?

Gustavo: You could, but I wouldn’t Recommend it. The Exchange rate is really high and so are the Fees. I’ll take you to the bank tomorrow.
The next day, I picked Sandra up from her hotel and we went to a Branch nearby.

Bank clerk: What can I do for you?

Sandra: I’d like to Exchange some Currency and to get some U. S. dollars.

Bank clerk: Okay, how much would you like?

Sandra: How much is one Euro Worth?

Bank clerk: The current rate is One dollar To .8 Euros.

Sandra: In that case, I’d like 500 U. S. dollars.

Bank clerk: Okay. That will be 400 Euros. Would you like that in Large or small bills?

Sandra: I’d like a Mix of both, I’d like some Change, too.

Bank clerk: That’s no problem. Please sign here. That will be $300 in $20’s, $150 in $10’s, and $45 in $5’s And $1’s. And, here’s $5 in change: Quarters, dimes, and nickels.

Sandra: That’s perfect. Thanks a lot.

Bank clerk: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Sandra: No, that’s all. Thanks for your help.

Bank clerk: It’s my pleasure. Have a nice day.

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Changing Money