Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

Sydney: Where should we go on our Honeymoon? I thought Rome would be nice.

Isaac: Let me check. No, that wouldn’t be a good idea.

Sydney: Okay, how about Tokyo? I’ve always wanted to visit Japan.

Isaac: No, I’m afraid not.

Sydney: How are you making these Determinations?

Isaac: I’m checking to see if the U. S. dollar has a Favorable exchange rate with those Currencies. We want our dollars to go as far as they can.

Sydney: You mean you want to pick our honeymoon destination according to the Currency market.

Isaac: I’m just saying that we should take advantage of Falling currencies or ones that have already Depreciated significantly. A Strong dollar means we can get more Bang for the buck.

Sydney: So you’re saying that you want us to make plans At the whim of the Federal Reserve and Central banks.

Isaac: Well, I wouldn’t go that far. I’m only saying that it would make Financial sense.

Sydney: That doesn’t seem like a very Romantic way of picking a honeymoon destination.

Isaac: Romance is Overrated. Wouldn’t you rather be Solvent than Sentimental?

Sydney: I’d rather be solvent And sentimental.

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