Writing a Love Song

Isaac: Can you Keep it down in there? I’m trying to write a song.

Brittany: You are? What kind of song?

Isaac: It’s None of your business.

Brittany: Come on. Tell me.

Isaac: It’s for Melanie.

Brittany: Oh, it’s a Love song. That’s so romantic. Are you going To serenade her?

Isaac: Maybe. Now leave me alone so I can write.

Brittany: Don’t kick me out. Maybe I can help. Let me hear what you have so far.

Isaac: Oh, all right. Here are the Lyrics. There’re pretty Rough. Can you think of something that Rhymes with flower?

Brittany: Hmm…let me see. They’re not bad, not too Sappy. Let’s hear the Melody…That’s nice. The Chorus is Catchy. Are you going to sing it a Cappella?

Isaac: I was going to ask Jimmy to play the guitar To accompany me, so I can make a Recording of it.

Brittany: Let me do it. I can play the guitar.

Isaac: No way. You won’t Take it seriously.

Brittany: I will. I promise. I’ll make little kissing noises in the background and it’ll Move her to tears.

Isaac: Forget it! What was I thinking telling you about it?!

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Writing a Love Song