Writing One’s Memoirs

Oscar: We’re Thrilled that you’ll be Publishing your Memoir with our company. You’ve had such an interesting life. I’m sure you’ll have lots of Titillating stories to tell.

Liz: Well, my memoir will certainly have a lot of stories about my career: the people I’ve worked with and the kindness I’ve encountered in this Industry.

Oscar: That’s nice, but people buy Autobiographical books for the Juicy details, the more Salacious the better.

Liz: I was really thinking of focusing on the people who helped me in my career and their Selflessness.

Oscar: But I thought you were interested in writing a Tell-all book. Considering how many times you’ve been married and the Affairs you’ve had, you must have lots of Steamy stories.

Liz: I don’t want to be Telling tales about people I love or once loved. I want to focus on the positive.

Oscar: You could do that, but your books won’t Fly off the shelves without those juicy details.

Liz: Really?

Oscar: Really.

Liz: Maybe I could tell one or two Scandalous stories.

Oscar: Now you’re talking.

Liz: There was that Infamous party where a Cat fight broke out between…

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