Reading Online Reviews

Marisa: When we go to our favorite vacation Spot in two months, let’s stay at a different hotel.

Oscar: I like the hotel we always stay at. It’s in a Convenient location and we’re already familiar with it.

Marisa: That’s just it. It’s Tried and true, but there’s no Novelty and excitement in staying in the same place Year after year.

Oscar: I don’t need novelty.

Marisa: Let’s just consider some of these other hotels I’ve been reading about. They are very highly Ranked and their Ratings are very good.

Oscar: You’re putting strangers’ Reviews above our own experience?

Marisa: Of course not, but just look at this hotel. It received three Stars out of four, and it has a lot of Pros.

Oscar: Let me see that. It also has some Cons, such as being noisy and Pricy.

Marisa: Okay, maybe that isn’t the best example. I didn’t notice that they got Dinged on those things, but let’s look at a few others.

Oscar: I’ll Keep an open mind, but I’m Dubious about online reviews. I Take everything I read with a grain of salt. The only people who post reviews are those who love it or hate it.

Marisa: I’ll just find a hotel that everyone loves.

Oscar: And that doesn’t Break the bank?

Marisa: Right.

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