Reading the Newspaper

I Fell into the habit of reading the newspaper every morning when I was a kid. Back then, there used to be two daily newspapers-morning Edition and an afternoon edition. Nowadays, of course, many cities in the U. S. have just a morning paper. I’m not too Picky about which newspaper I read, although When it comes to national newspapers, I Prefer reading the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal over USA Today. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not a news Junkie. I just like Browsing the different sections, reading the headlines, and checking out the Classifieds. I usually Skip the sports section and the Funnies, and only Flip through the food and health sections, but I always read the front page and the Editorial page. On the weekends, I’ll Skim the entertainment section for the movie listings and reviews.

I’m sort of old-fashioned in that I still like reading a real, paper newspaper. Sure, I also read some of my news online, but Nothing beats lounging around on Sunday morning reading the big, thick paper. Don’t worry, though: I always Recycle my Stack of newspapers.

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