Reading and Watching the News

I’m a news Junkie. I like to read two newspapers everyday. I don’t just look at the Headlines. I read most of the stories. I like the Political news, the Business news, the Editorials, and the Entertainment news. The only things I don’t usually read are the Sports pages and the Classifieds.

I also try To catch The Local TV news each day. I like to watch Channel 4 for the news reporting, but I like the Weather report on Channel 9 mainly because the Reporter is not only good, she’s beautiful! For the national news, I like all three of the Network anchors, so it doesn’t matter which one I catch.

On top of that, I like to read a Newsmagazine each week. I like the longer Feature stories that give more In-depth coverage of that week’s Top stories.

So, when I said I was a news junkie, I wasn’t joking. When I travel to other countries, the first thing I do is look for an English-language newspaper. Then, I can relax!

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