Watching Sports on TV

Laura: Oh, I didn’t think I’d Make it home in time for the game.

Jun: What game?

Laura: The Playoffs! Turn on the TV. I hope it’s still in the First quarter. It is! Who’s winning? What’s the Score?

Jun: I don’t know. You know I don’t watch sports. Whao! That was a Great shot. Did you see that?

Laura: No, what happened? Maybe they’ll show it again on Instant replay. I wonder who the coach Put in for the Starting lineup.

Jun: Geez. I think there’s a player down On the field.

Laura: It looks like he’s walking off the field. He can’t be hurt too badly.

Jun: Look! They’re putting your favorite player in. Oh, what a Play!

Laura: Wait a second. I thought you didn’t watch sports.

Jun: I was never a sports fan before I met you. I think You’re a bad influence on me.

Laura: Yes, very bad. Now, stop Hogging the couch and Pass the chips

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