Doping in Sports

Mia: This is ridiculous! They’re going To suspend Eric Rodrigo for Doping.

Alex: From what I’ve read, he failed his Random drug test and they found Performance-enhancing drugs in his System.

Mia: But he’s one of the best players on the team. Without him, we won’t have a chance to get to the Playoffs.

Alex: He should have thought of that before he decided To cheat. I’m surprised they’re only suspending him for a few games. Last year, a player on another team was Banned for life from the sport and Stripped of his Championship titles.

Mia: In my opinion, they completely Overreacted and one of the best players in the game is off the field forever.

Alex: You don’t think that people who use Steroids and other Banned substances should be punished?

Mia: Not when the fans are the ones who really Pay the price.

Alex: So you’re in favor of allowing performance-enhancing drugs in sports?

Mia: Sure, why not? If everybody is doping, it Levels the playing field.

Alex: I am really glad you’re not the Commissioner!

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Doping in Sports