Anti-drugs Campaign – Антинаркотическая кампания

World’s drug problem is growing. The highest increase in drug use is among teenagers. How can they be convinced to stop?

Last year, the number of teenagers who had tried drugs was 6 % in Greece, 15 % in France and 30 % in Britain.

Statistics show that drug use by teenagers has doubled since 1999. Half teenagers who were interviewed admitted they had tried at least one type of drug. 70 % said they had been offered drugs in the past 3 months.

31 % of interviewed teenagers could not name a health risk associated with Ecstasy.

49 % of young drug-users say they would stop using drugs if they thought they were getting addicted.

35 % of young drug-users say they don’t know why they use them.

MOST young drug-users say that they listen more to what their friends say about drugs than to what the media say about drugs.

THE NUMBER of young males taking drugs is higher than the number of young females.

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The drugs that the government is most worried about are stimulant drugs such as Ecstasy (or UE” as it is commonly known) and hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD. Many young people believe these drugs to be fashionable.

The government decided that it needed a new anti-drugs campaign. The survey showed that teenagers knew that drugs were bad for them but they could not actually name any health risk associated with particular drugs. 61 % of teenage drug-users would consider stopping using drugs if they thought they were a serious danger to their health.

Many teenagers ignored drugs warnings at schools. In fact, it was proved that in some cases, the reason for taking drugs was to rebel against warnings from adults.

New anti-drugs campaign has been started. This new campaign. It informs young people of the health risks associated with particular drugs.

Many teenagers try drugs as a “dare”. The health authority has put the number of their drugs helpline in a lot of places. The people at the helpline advise people what to do if they have a drug problem or need more information about the dangers of drugs.

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Anti-drugs Campaign – Антинаркотическая кампания