Waiting for Drug Approval

Florence: A package came for you. I think it’s from overseas.

Alexander: Oh, those are my Drugs.

Florence: You’re buying your Medication from overseas?

Alexander: I have no choice. This drug isn’t FDA-approved yet.

Florence: Isn’t it dangerous to take a drug that isn’t approved?

Alexander: Not if it’s been approved in other countries. This drug is considered Experimental here, but has been used in other countries safely for years.

Florence: But shouldn’t you just wait? How long could the process take anyway?

Alexander: You have no idea. It can take years for a drug to be approved here, especially those that aren’t Fast-tracked.

Florence: That’s hard to believe.

Alexander: It’s true. First, it has To be tested on animals or in a Lab, and then it has to go through Clinical trials. Only then is it put through a Rigorous review by the FDA, which Alone can take years.

Florence: You’re right. I had no idea.

Alexander: In the meantime, I’m suffering Needlessly.

Florence: You can’t legally Import the drug for your own use, right?

Alexander: That’s right, but I feel like I have To circumvent the law to get the medicine I need.

Florence: So how does it feel to be an Outlaw?

Alexander: Um, Healthy?

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