Completing a Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

John: I’m glad to see you’re back and looking so healthy.

Lindsay: Thanks. Rehab wasn’t easy, but getting Treatment for my Addiction saved my life. I’d hit Rock bottom.

John: Recovery from Substance abuse isn’t easy, but I’m happy you got the help you needed.

Lindsay: I’m glad I checked into an Inpatient program. I was able to Detox, and I’m now getting the medication and Counseling I need.

John: I thought you were done.

Lindsay: No, I’m now in their Outpatient program, with a plan for staying Sober so I won’t Relapse.

John: And you’re staying away from Temptation?

Lindsay: Absolutely. I’m only Going clubbing two nights a week, instead of every night.

John: Uh, is that Wise?

Lindsay: It will be a good test of my Self-control.

John: That doesn’t sound…

Lindsay: [sound of a Car horn] Sorry, there’s my ride. We’re checking out a new club tonight.

John: Yikes.

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