Running a Pilot Program

Rosalind: How is the Pilot program coming along?

Jimmy: We’ll be ready To launch it in another month, but I have some serious Reservations.

Rosalind: Like what?

Jimmy: We haven’t Worked out all of the bugs yet and we might Come up against some Resistance from the community.

Rosalind: Isn’t that the Nature of a pilot program? When you’re Paving the way, you’re always going to have Skeptics and Dissenters.

Jimmy: You’re right, of course, but there’s a lot At stake. I just hope this Trial run will Win over some of those skeptics. It would be a shame to scrap this program after we’ve put in so much work.

Rosalind: After the program is launched, you’ll have six months To prove its worth, right?

Jimmy: Yeah, that’s right.

Rosalind: That’s plenty of time for the dissenters To see the light.

Jimmy: From your lips to God’s ears!

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Running a Pilot Program