Walking or Running as Exercise

Reina: Okay, I’m ready to walk my way to better Fitness!

Lars: I’m glad you’re so enthusiastic about starting To exercise.

Reina: I’m totally Psyched! Check out my new Tennis shoes.

Lars: They’re Brand new? You haven’t Broken them in yet? I hope you don’t get Blisters.

Reina: Stop worrying. Let’s go, I’m ready To work up a sweat!

Lars: Wait. There are a few things you need to know before we start. It’s a good idea To stretch and To warm up to avoid injuries.

Reina: I stretched already and as soon as we get started, I’ll warm up slowly. Let’s go!

Lars: All right, here we go, nice and slow.

Reina: Come on! How are we supposed to increase our Heart rate if we walk this slowly? Pick up the pace!

Lars: I don’t want to get Shin splints. It’s important that we start slowly and maintain a Low-impact workout.

Reina: Forget it! I’ll Race you. The last one to the park buys lunch. Ready, set, go!

Lars: Wait!

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