Using a Self-Checkout Machine

Claudia: We’re done, right? Let’s get in this Cashier line.

Raul: No need. This store has Self-checkout machines.

Claudia: I don’t know. I think it would be easier going through a cashier line.

Raul: Using the self-checkout will be much quicker. Let me show you. All you have to do is Scan the Barcodes on each Grocery item.

Claudia: There are no barcodes on fruits and vegetables.

Raul: All you have to do is put them on the Scale and find the product on the Touch-screen.

Claudia: You look. I’ll start Bagging.

Raul: Wait! You’re supposed to wait until everything is scanned before removing items from the Bagging area to put in bags. Oh no, now there’s a “see Attendant” message on the screen.

Claudia: What do we do now?

Raul: We wait for the attendant To clear the error and Void the transaction. Then we start again.

Claudia: Great. You’re right. This is much faster.

Raul: It is if you know what you’re doing.

Claudia: I’ll tell you what. I’ll take half of our groceries and stand in line and you use the self-checkout. We’ll see which is faster.

Raul: That’s a Sucker bet. I have no doubt that I’ll be done before you are.

Claudia: I’m not worried. The last one out the door makes dinner.

Raul: You’re on. Just remember that I like my steak Well done.

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Using a Self-Checkout Machine