At the Movies

My friend Jim and I decided to see the latest Blockbuster this weekend. I like a good Action movie once in a while. We decided to meet at the movie theater After work.

When I got the theater, I looked around and didn’t see Jim. So, I thought I would get in line to buy Tickets. There were two different lines so I asked a woman standing in the first one, “Is this the line for Mission Impossible 4?” and she said, “Yes, I’m afraid it is.” I turned around and saw why she said that. It was really long and had about 20 people in it already. Oh, well. I went to the Back of the line And waited.

About 10 minutes later, I saw Jim coming up the Escalator. He looked Out of breath. He said, “Hey, sorry for being so late. I Hit a lot of Traffic On the way over.” I told him, “Don’t worry about it. As you can see, we have a long wait.‚”

We finally got up to The head of the line. The clerk behind the Ticket window said, “Can I help you?” and I said, “Two tickets for MI-4, please.” We weren’t children, students, or Seniors, so there were no special Discounts for us. The clerk Handed me two tickets and we Headed inside. There was a Ticket taker just inside the door and he took our tickets, handing back to us our Stubs.

Coming straight from work, I was really hungry. Jim and I went to the Concession stand and got a couple of Cokes, A tub of popcorn, a hotdog, and a box of candy. We were set. We went into the screening room and it was Packed. Lucky for us, we found some seats together that weren’t too close to the Screen.

We sat back and waited for the movie to start. While we watched 10 minutes of Previews we Wolfed down our food. By the time the movie started, I was feeling pretty good. I don’t know which was better: The movie or the great Junk food!

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At the Movies