Ordering Food Delivery

Order clerk: Hello, Torino’s Restaurant.

Nancy: Hello, I’d like To place a Delivery order.

Order clerk: Can I have your address and the Major cross streets, please?

Nancy: It’s 1212 Main Street, and the nearest cross streets are Speedway and Highland.

Order clerk: Okay, it looks like you’re in our Delivery area. What would you like to order?

Nancy: I’d like An order of spaghetti. Does that come with any Sides?

Order clerk: You have A choice of soup or salad.

Nancy: I’ll have the salad.

Order clerk: Is that all? We have a $15 Minimum for delivery orders.

Nancy: In that case, I’ll also take an appetizer Sampler plate.

Order clerk: Okay, that’s one order of spaghetti and an appetizer sampler plate. You’re still $3 Short. Would you like a drink or some dessert?

Nancy: I’ll take an iced tea.

Order clerk: All right, but you’re still a dollar short.

Nancy: What can I get for a dollar?

Order clerk: There’s nothing on the menu for a dollar, Ma’am.

Nancy: And you won’t deliver my $14 order?

Order clerk: That’s our Policy, ma’am.

Nancy: All right, you win. Give me an order of bread. How long will that take?

Order clerk: You should get your food in about an hour.

Nancy: An hour?!?

Order clerk: Yes, ma’am. You’ve ordered a lot of food and it takes time for us to prepare it.

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