Eating at a Buffet

I love eating at All-you-can-eat buffets. It doesn’t matter what kind of food it is, I’m Up for it.

Last week, I went to a High-end seafood buffet with my friends. We walked in and the Hostess seated us at a table. She asked if we wanted to order any drinks. Drinks other than water are Not included in the price.

I got up and got a plate. I Went over to the soup and salad Station first and then over to the hot food. They had a Carving station and Made-to-order omelets. They also had a great dessert table, but I wasn’t ready for that yet. I sat down, ate, and Grabbed a new plate for the second Round. This time, I went for the seafood. I Loaded up my plate and sat down again. After two more Trips to the buffet, I was ready for dessert. I got a little of everything. I was so Stuffed, I Couldn’t eat another bite.

I really enjoyed the meal. I like being able to serve myself. Some people don’t like buffets unless they’re very high-end. Not me. Give me any high-end or Low-end buffet and I’m perfectly happy.

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