Eating at a Casual Restaurant

Russell: Why aren’t you eating? Is there Something the matter with your food?

Nadia: No, the food is fine.

Russell: What’s wrong?

Nadia: I’m not sure How to put this. I really like going to Diners and Hole in the walls with you, and I love Mom and pop restaurants as much as you do. For me, it’s The food that counts, not the Ambiance, but…

Russell: I thought you’d love this place. It’s my favorite Greasy spoon.

Nadia: I do like it. It’s just that when you invited me out for my birthday and said that it would be something really special, I thought you might take me somewhere else.

Russell: Is that why you wore that nice new dress? You thought I was taking you to a Fancy restaurant, with Tablecloths, Mood lighting, and Snooty waiters.

Nadia: Well…

Russell: This is much better, don’t you think? We get to sit in this comfortable Booth, listen to the Jukebox, and watch our food being cooked behind the Counter. I can’t think of a better dining experience. Don’t you agree?

Nadia: Uh, sure.

Russell: And don’t think you’re not getting something special for your birthday. I planned it all Ahead of time.

Nadia: You did? Really? What is it?

Russell: I ordered you a whole Pie!

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