Proofreading a Document

Russell: Hey, LeeAnn, you were an English Major, right?

LeeAnn: Yes.

Russell: Could you Proofread this for me?

LeeAnn: I don’t know. Do you want me to proof it for Content or for Structure?

Russell: For everything.

LeeAnn: So you’re asking me To fact check all of the Facts and figures and To parse each line to find any Spelling, Grammar, or Punctuation errors.

Russell: That’s right. I used the Spell check on it, but some Typos may have Slipped through. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were Riddled with other errors, too.

LeeAnn: Right. What about the Formatting?

Russell: Check that, too. You can Edit out the errors as you go along.

LeeAnn: You want me to proofread And edit it?

Russell: Sure, if you don’t mind.

LeeAnn: You do realize that this is a 400-page Document, right?

Russell: Is there a problem?

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