Using a Pawnshop

Jamaica: I need To raise some cash right away. I’m thinking of Hocking a few things. You’ve used the Pawnshop down the street before, right?

Nolan: Yeah, a few years ago when I lost my job. I needed a Short-term loan to tide me over until I could find a new one.

Jamaica: Is the place Legit?

Nolan: It seemed to be. I have no Complaints.

Jamaica: That’s good. How would I go about pawning something?

Nolan: It’s pretty simple. You bring the Pawnbroker something that’s worth money to use as Collateral and then you get a loan for a Fraction of its Value. Then, you have 90 days To repay the loan, plus interest and fees.

Jamaica: How do I Redeem my item?

Nolan: You just show them your Pawn ticket.

Jamaica: That sounds pretty simple. What if I can’t repay the money by the deadline?

Nolan: Then you Forfeit your item. The pawnshop tries to sell it To recoup the money they lent you.

Jamaica: Okay, I’m going to do it. I’m going to pawn my Collection.

Nolan: Your collection of what?

Jamaica: Action figures. I have the entire collection of ESL Podcast action figures. There’s Jeff, Lucy, Warren, Jessica, Adriano, Pao, LeeAnn, Alison. . .

Nolan: I said something worth money, remember?

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