Being Generous and Stingy

Britney: I was thinking of Hitting up Jane for a little loan. You know her better than I do. What are the chances she’ll Spot me a couple hundred dollars until next month?

Salvador: I think that’s a Pipe dream. I wouldn’t exactly call her a Cheapskate, but she’s not known for her Generosity.

Britney: What about Francke? He’s Rolling in it. He could easily Part with a couple hundred bucks Without giving it a second thought.

Salvador: You’ve Got your work cut out for you if you think you can borrow money from Francke. He’s always been a Penny-pincher and he always will be.

Britney: Okay, then help me think. Who do we know who isn’t Stingy? Who do we know who is Big-hearted and Charitable?

Salvador: What the heck. Here’s $150 To tide you over until your next Payday.

Britney: Wow, thanks! You know, another $100 would really Come in handy.

Salvador: I really think you should Quit while you’re ahead.

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