All-Inclusive Vacations

Mei: Let’s go on an All-inclusive vacation to a Resort in Jamaica!

Guy: I’d like to go to Jamaica, but I don’t know about going to an all-inclusive resort.

Mei: It saves so much time in planning. With these Vacation packages, all of our lodging is included and we don’t have To pay extra for anything. For one Fixed price, we get Unlimited food and drinks, and all of the activities and entertainment we want.

Guy: It sounds a little too Predictable to me. You know that when I travel, I like to go Off the beaten track. The fun is in going out of the tourist areas to find the real Character of a place.

Mei: I know, but a resort has its Pluses. If we pick a good resort, we’ll know that everything will be First rate. There won’t be any problems with Substandard amenities or service.

Guy: That may all be true, but I’m still not Convinced. I’d rather keep looking until we find a good Compromise that will have the predictability you want and the Spontaneity that I want.

Mei: Okay, but we agree on Jamaica, right?

Guy: Yeah, that’s right. It’s Jamaica Or bust!

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All-Inclusive Vacations