Time Off from Work

My buddy from college, Jack, was getting married and our friend Rob was planning a Bachelor party for him in Vegas. It was going to be the Last weekend of the month and I wanted to go. The trouble was, I was scheduled to work that weekend. I needed to get the Time off from work or I was going To miss out on all the fun.

I have some Vacation leave, but Company policy Requires that my boss Sign off on any leave we take. I’ve heard of companies doing that for longer periods of leave-like Maternity leave or a Leave of absence-but our company does that even for vacation leave. I thought about just Calling in sick that weekend-I do have a lot of Accumulated sick leave-but I didn’t think my boss would appreciate me Leaving him hanging.

In the end, I just asked him Straight out and, to my surprise, he said, “okay.” Now, I just need to get ready for a Wild weekend with The guys. I can’t wait!

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