Calling in Sick to Work

I was Fed up with work and wanted the day off. I decided To call in sick. I wasn’t prepared, though, to be Peppered with questions.

Peter: Hello, this is Peter. Is this Magda?

Magda: Yes. This is Magda.

Peter: Hi, Magda. I won’t be Coming in today. I’m Not feeling well. I think I’ve Come down with something.

Magda: Hmm, what seems to be the problem?

Peter: The problem? Oh…I’ve been up all night Throwing up and I feel terrible.

Magda: Didn’t you have something like this two weeks ago when you called in sick?

Peter: Two weeks ago? No, I had Food poisoning two weeks ago.

Magda: And what about a month ago when you called in sick?

Peter: That was a 24-hour bug.

Magda: Didn’t you just Take a day off from work because of a Death in the family?

Peter: Yes, I had to go to the Funeral.

Magda: I see. That’s one day off from work a week, four weeks In a row. [long silence]

Peter: Uh, I’ll be in within the hour.

Magda: I’m glad you’ve had a Miraculous recovery.

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