Betting on Sports

Peter: Look at this! I just won 2,000 Smackaroos!

Angela: Where did you get all that money?

Peter: I won it Betting on the game last night. I placed a small Wager with high Odds and won big.

Angela: Wow, I always put money in the Pools at work, but I’ve never won anything like $2,000.

Peter: I’ll introduce you to my Bookie if you want to do some Serious betting. But I warn you: he only deals in High-stakes wagers, not Penny ante bets.

Angela: You bet through a bookie? You must do some serious Gambling. I don’t think that’s for me.

Peter: You can’t win big, if you don’t play big. I’ve just placed a bet on this weekend’s game.

Angela: But the Minnesota McQ’s are the Favorites by a Wide margin.

Peter: There’s a 10-point Point spread. Come on, What do you say? Are you in or out? I’ve just put $500 on it.

Angela: That’s Too rich for my blood. I think I’ll stick to the Minor leagues.

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