Guessing a Number

Angela: Hey, look at this. This restaurant is holding a Contest. If you can Guess the number of Marbles in this bowl, you’ll get a free meal every day for one year!

Dwight: I’ll Take a stab at it.

Angela: So will I. Let’s see, I think there must be close to 1000 or 1200 marbles in there. What are you doing?

Dwight: I’m doing some Calculations in my head. The bowl is about 75 Percent full, and it’s 15 inches By 12 inches by 6 inches (15”x12”x6”). The marbles are about ? of an inch in Diameter….

Angela: Are you actually trying to figure out the Capacity by Crunching the numbers? This is a game. You’re supposed to guess.

Dwight: I know it’s a game, but I want To increase my chances by making an Educated guess. Hold on, I just need to do one more calculation and I’ll have the magic number.

Angela: That’s cheating.

Dwight: No way! I’m just Using what God gave me to beat you out of a year’s worth of meals.

Angela: Bring it on. I’ll Pit my Random guess against your educated guess any day!

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