Getting an Advantage in Sports

Tammy: What are you doing this year to give your team an Advantage?

Phillip: I Have a few tricks up my sleeve. We’re going to have a Winning season.

Tammy: Are you going To start Wang?

Phillip: No, I’m Redshirting Wang. I want him to sit out his first year so he can Sharpen his skills.

Tammy: I’m really surprised. Wang is already a great player and too good To sit on the bench.

Phillip: Trust me, I know what I’m doing. He’ll get an extra year of Eligibility and be even better next year.

Tammy: If you say so. What about Schwartz?

Phillip: He’s Out for the season. He’s hurt and won’t be able to play.

Tammy: That’s a Major blow! He’s your Star player, right?

Phillip: He’s a loss, but I have a Secret weapon.

Tammy: Oh, yeah?

Phillip: This new player, Pierre, is going to give the other teams a Run for their money.

Tammy: Who is he?

Phillip: Just somebody I Recruited. Let’s just say he’s talented Beyond his years.

Tammy: Huh? You mean he’s a Ringer? You’re bringing in a ringer?

Phillip: Of course not. He’s just a little more experienced than my other players and he’ll be A force to be reckoned with.

Tammy: Only if nobody Catches on.

Phillip: Catches on to what?

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