Disagreeing about Religion

Jim: You know that Religion is a Taboo subject, especially with Paul. Why were you Baiting him all through dinner?

Tammy: I wasn’t baiting him. We have very different views on Spirituality and I wanted to discuss the subject with him.

Jim: You were making Disparaging remarks about his Faith and some of the things he holds most Sacred. I think you were trying to be Provocative.

Tammy: I may have said a few things that were provocative, but I don’t understand how people can believe in Superstitions.

Jim: There you go again! People’s religious beliefs shouldn’t be called superstitions.

Tammy: I’m just Calling it like I see it. I didn’t know you were such a Fundamentalist.

Jim: I’m not a fundamentalist. In fact, I’m an Atheist, or at least an Agnostic, but I still try to show respect for other people’s beliefs.

Tammy: Beliefs are made to be challenged. If you can’t Defend your beliefs, you shouldn’t have them.

Jim: Ladies and gentlemen, Behold the voice of Tolerance.

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