Working With Unreliable People

Paul: What time is it?

Jackie: It’s 2:30. The Cleveland office report should have been emailed to us by the end of the workday yesterday. What are we supposed to do now?

Paul: If we don’t get their report, we’ll have To hold up the production of the Annual report and if that happens, somebody’s Head is going to roll. This really leaves us In a lurch. Who’s responsible for the report in Cleveland?

Jackie: Noel Simmons.

Paul: Oh, no. I know Noel. I used to work with him in the Columbus office. He was always Dropping the ball on his responsibilities and I was always having To cover for him.

Jackie: You must have had The patience of a saint! If he’s such a Flake, why is he still working for this company?

Paul: Beats me, but I know we’re in for a long wait if he’s in Charge. We have to do something. Get on the phone and see if you can Light a fire under him. Unless we Keep on him, we’ll never see that report.

Jackie: Okay, I’ll call the Cleveland office right now.

Paul: And Jackie?

Jackie: Yes?

Paul: If he gives you a Line or some kind of excuse, let me talk to him.

Jackie: What’ll you do?

Paul: I’ll take him on A trip down memory lane. When I used to work with him, I wasn’t always so patient – or Polite.

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Working With Unreliable People