Working as a Lobbyist

Cody: You’re not the kind of person I would expect to work as a Lobbyist.

Jada: Why not?

Cody: I Picture lobbyists as being kind of Pushy and Corrupt, using Underhanded tactics.

Jada: It’s not like that at all, at least not for me. I just use my Powers of persuasion to help my clients.

Cody: So what do you do exactly?

Jada: I meet with Legislators and try To sway them to support laws that are Favorable to the people and companies I Represent, and to discourage them from voting for laws that aren’t.

Cody: You’re a Spokesperson for your clients, then.

Jada: I’m more than that. I work for clients in the Private sector and in corporations, as well as for Special interest groups. I Advocate for what would benefit my clients in a way that they can’t do themselves directly.

Cody: Isn’t there sometimes a Conflict of interest? Let’s say your client this month wants a law passed and your client next month doesn’t. What happens then?

Jada: I’m a Gun for hire. I do my best for my client, whichever that client is at that moment.

Cody: I’m glad to hear you say that. I could use the services of a good lobbyist. I’ve been trying to get my wife to agree to buy a new boat…

Jada: Stop right there. In this case there is a conflict of interest. Your wife talked to me last week and wants me to have a little talk with you about that new boat…

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