Working in a Dead End Job

Agency employee: Tell me why you’d like to sign up with our Employment agency.

Kurt: Well, right now I’m working in a Dead end job. There are no opportunities for Advancement. I’m already at the top of the Pay scale, so there’s no chance of another Pay raise.

Agency employee: Okay, I’d like to find out a little more about your Employment history. Tell me about your last job.

Kurt: Oh, that was a Mind-numbing position. I did Menial work all day and I Burned out in six months.

Agency employee: What about the job you had before that?

Kurt: The problem with that job was that there was a Glass ceiling. They would never Promote a person like me.

Agency employee: And what about the job you had before that?

Kurt: I only took that job as a Steppingstone to the next one, but it turned out to be a Stumbling block instead. My boss didn’t like me and wouldn’t give me a good Reference.

Agency employee: Okay, so you were not happy with any of the jobs you’ve had.

Kurt: No, they weren’t right for me. I don’t want To be trapped in a dead end job. I want something that will give me Personal satisfaction.

Agency employee: I see. Well, we’ll do the best we can. Have you considered working at an employment agency? I’m looking for a new job myself.

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